Medicaid, Social Security and Veteran's Information
Many people pre-pay  their funeral when they are going on Medicaid assistance.  If a person enters a nursing home, their assets may be drained by nursing care.  Medicaid will pay for care if this happens and they will allow a person to place money for funeral expenses in a trust or funeral insurance just prior to their assets being depleted (or earlier if you wish).  Medicaid will allow the trust or funeral insurance policy to remain intact even after a person goes on assistance.  The money will be there to pay for final expenses.

Social Security:
When a person dies, a spouse or minor child may collect a one-time death benefit of $255.00 if the deceased person had social security withheld from their pay for a long enough period during their working career.  In addition, monthly survivor benefits can be paid to a widow or widower over the age of sixty.  Children can also receive benefits up to the age of eighteen if a parent dies, and in some cases they can receive monthly benefits at an older age than eighteen.  The circumstances listed above must of course, be reviewed by Social Security to determine if survivors are eligible for any benefits. 

Veteran's Benefits:
The Veterans Administration will provide the following benefits for the family of a deceased honorably discharged U. S. veteran:

  • A U.S. Flag.
  • Military honors at the funeral or graveside service with a two person active duty team if requested.
  • A grave stone or plaque marker for placement in a cemetery at no expense to the family. (There are several choices as to type of marker). 

If a veteran was receiving a monthly pension from the V. A., a death benefit of up to $600.00 may be paid to the family.   If a veteran dies in a V.A. Hospital or V.A. affiliated nursing home, transportation costs will be paid to the place of burial.  If a person dies while on active military duty, most, or all of the funeral costs will be paid.

Locally, each county in Michigan will pay $300.00 toward funeral expenses if the veteran or the veteran's spouse or widow/widower dies and is under certain asset limits. As there are several variables, call us anytime for a detailed explanation.